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See, Want, Have

Title: See, Want, Have


Author: PyroDeScorpio2


Summary: Jo is upset about Dean not noticing her, so she goes out of the Roadhouse and encounters a Slayer and her Vampire.


Characters: Jo, Buffy, Spike, Andrew


Challenge: #8, Roadhouse


Genre: Romance/Drama


Words: 1108


See Want Have


Every Geek's Dream (Roadhouse Challenge #4)

A/N: My 3rd story focused on the week four challenge. I have Andrew talking about meeting with Sam and Dean, but don’t have them in actual dialogue. Lemmie know if it needs to be changed! I figured no harm since they don’t talk at all and their appearance in the background is essential to the plot!

Dis: I don’t own SPN!

Title: Every Geek’s Dream

Author: pyrodescorpio2

Summary: There is a little Accident, and Andrew finds himself in Dean Winchester’s body! Oh the possibilities… Especially when Jo shows up… But can Andrew go through with it?

Genre: Humor/Romance

Words: 1054

Characters: Jo, Andrew, Willow

Every Geeks Dream

The Last Straw (Challenge #3)

A/N: Haha… Andrew… I love him!

Dis: I don’t own BTVS or SPN!

Title: The Last Straw


Characters: Main- Andrew, Ash, Jo. Appearances- Buffy, Ellen.

Genre: Humor

Rating: PG

Summary: Andrew’s gone done it again! Getting on everyone’s nerves! Now Ash is a patient man but, that little pip-squeak has gone too far! Andrew’s only hope of safety… Is Jo!

Words: 1342

Team: Roadhouse (Challenge #3)

The Last Straw