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Dean - Assume the Position

Challenge #9

Will get the results up for challenge #8 before the end of the week. Getting Challenge #9 ready took more time than I thought.

Anyway - this is how Challenge #9 will work.

Opens: Now
Closes: June 4th, 2007 @ 8pm CST

You do NOT have to stick to your team's characters for this challenge. Please be sure to still tag your fic for the team you are writing for.

Take a look at the list behind the cut. These are the prompts that are available for this challenge. Only one person may write each one, so when you see one you like, comment that you want it. Don't start writing until I respond back that you have it, at which time I'll strike it from the list. Once you complete one, you can request a second.

Unless otherwise noted with a (P) or marked as rated NC17, you don't have to write the characters listed as being in a relationship.

Unless the rating is marked as "any", you must write the rating given. Don't choose a NC17 prompt if you can't write NC17, please.

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Alec - Good to be Bad

Challenge #7 Results

Sorry this took so long. *sheepish*

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The overall results for Challenge #7 are:

Team:Roadhouse -- 17 points (all regular)
Team:Winchester -- 13 points (12 regular + 1 mini-challenge)
Team:Hellfire -- 2 points (0 regular + 2 mini-challenge)

Team:Hellfire - Did you guys really not write *any* fics during challenge #7? Or did you just forget to tag them appropriately?

Reminder to all teams: Only fics tagged with your team's tag will get counted each week.
Dean - Quarters

Need Prompts

We're going to do something wild and wacky for this next challenge, but before it kicks off later tonight, I need some help setting it up. What I need from you is the following and in this format:

Pairing or Threesome -- prompt or line of dialogue -- rating (Pg13-NC17)

Give me as many as you can!!!!!!!!!! Right here. Right now. All the way up until I post the next challenge. Be creative. Be wacky. Be dirty. Be whatever - just give me tons of them. All crossover pairings, of course.

Don't just think about pairings for YOUR TEAM, either. Give me some that involve other team's characters. A variety of prompts. A variety of RATINGS.

Okay - hit me with them. LOTS OF THEM.

Title: Of Operas, Éclairs, and Booze

Title: Of Operas, Éclairs, and Booze

Author: PyroDeScorpio2


Summary: Ripper Giles is bored: then he meets a girl named Ellen. Both want to get back at their parents… And they do it with pizzazz… sorta


Pairing: Ellen/Giles

Genre: Humor

Rating: PG-13, lang

Challenge: #8, Roadhouse

Dis: I don’t own SPN or BTVS

Words: 1266

Of Operas, Éclairs, and Booze



See, Want, Have

Title: See, Want, Have


Author: PyroDeScorpio2


Summary: Jo is upset about Dean not noticing her, so she goes out of the Roadhouse and encounters a Slayer and her Vampire.


Characters: Jo, Buffy, Spike, Andrew


Challenge: #8, Roadhouse


Genre: Romance/Drama


Words: 1108


See Want Have


hot fuzz - DW
  • emony2

Fic: Inspiration

Title: Inspiration
Author: Emony
Rating: FR15
Characters/Pairings: Xander/Ash
Disclaimer: All things SPN belong to Eric Kripke, et al. All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al.
Team/Challenge: Team Roadhouse - #8 - self-gratification.
Word Count: 1,654.
Summary: Ash needs a little inspiration every now and then.
Notes: Sequel to All Weather Girl.
Warnings: Take a look at the pairing... this is slash. Nothing too explicit.
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Down and Dirty (Roadhouse)

A/N:  I’m really liking how I have Kat in a lot of my stories. Let's write to the writers of SPN to have her come back! Yes?


Title: Down and Dirty


Author: PyroDeScorpio2


Dis: I don’t own BTVS or SPN


Characters: Faith, Kat, Mr. Tink


Genre: Humor/Action


Summary: Faith dislikes Mr. Tink, and when opportunity comes a knockin to go kick his ass… She doesn’t hesitate!

Challenge: #8, Roadhouse


Words: 1425



Down and Dirty



Like last week -

1. Comment to *this* thread with your entry.
2. You can write as many as you like.
4. For every FIVE posted by your team, your team gets ONE point.

Difference - this week you can write anywhere from 100 words to whatever will fit in a comment. It doesn't have to be a drabble.

Challenge ends at: Midnight (CST) tonight. Giving a little extra time since I took so long to post this today.

Do **not** comment with any drabble/ficlet that has spoilers for TONIGHT'S EPISODE.


Topic: Spells gone wacky.