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Massive BtVS/SPN Rec List

I stole this idea from dhfreak and made it work with how I want to do it. Basically I could do a big rec list of all the stories I like but that would be too long and there might be some people might prefer not to see (*cough* slash).

So I am doing it this way.

For my first rec list I am doing my favorite crossover which is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural. This list will be long and most of these stories will be found at Twisting the Hellmouth or Route 66: Destination Sunnydale (which you need to join to view). Along with a link to the story I will leave a description because I know on most rec list I've seen I have wished for a summary too. Here it goes.

Title:Almost Home
Author: ForeverAndEver
Summary: When Joyce dies at the beginning of season 3, seventeen-year-old Buffy and twelve-year-old Dawn are sent to live with Joyce's sister, Ellen.

When I found this fic I instantly fell in love cause it was exactly what I was looking for. I love Ellen and this idea is one of favorites and so well done. Still incomplete but worth it, remeber to review to get the writer writing more.

Title:Darkness I Live In
Summary: After a demon attack, Buffy wakes up with no memories except her name and begins to travel with Dean and Sam. While on the road, Buffy and Dean grow closer. Post Chosen. Response to chosenfire's Memories Forgotten challenge at Route 66.

I don't just love this cause it is based off my challenge, this is a great amd stunning fic so far. Incomplete but the updates have been coming steadily and the Buffy'Dean romance is slowly building up. Nicole is one of my favorite authors and this fic is one of the reasons why. Also, I have a deal with her I haven't been keeping, for each update in this story I have to update one of mine.

Title:Distant Relations
Author: SierraPhoenix
Summary: Xander learns the truth about his parentage and must decide whether or not to seek out his real father.

Generally I am a pure Buffy fan but this fic is so amazing it made me love Xander and all Xander as a Winchester fics out there. This is the ultimate Xander finds out he is a Winchester fic on which no others come even close to being as good. What I am trying to say it is one of the best crossover stories I have read to dat, and bonus cause its almost complete, just a few more chapters left.

Title:One More Time
Author: PyroDeScorpio
Summary: Faith and Buffy die in battle, only to be brought back by the Powers to help the Winchester brothers!

This is a brilliant and orginial idea that is very well written. 15 amazing chapters so far and it reall reads like the SPN or BtVS series, humor and romance abound and it is my favorite pairings Buffy/Dean, Faith/Sam, definitely a must read, you won't regret it.

Title:Alexander Harris Winchester
Author: MichelleWinchester
Summary: "If Harris is my real middle name, where in the hell did LaVelle come from?"

This is in the same category as Distant Relations with a Xander as a Winchester story. So much humor you will be laughing the whole time and down right cute and fun to read. Especially since it is COMPLETE and there is even a sequel out.

Title:Accidental Ties
Author: SIDURA
Summary: An accidental find sets one family to find another.

I love this story. Buffy centered finding out she is a Winchester and bringing along Dawn for the ride. The characters are well written, the plot moves along at a nice pace, and the whole Dawn is a Winchester too and John and the boys finding out drama is so perfect I was begging for update. You don't have to though cause it is COMPLETE.

Title:Daddy Dearest
Author: supernaturalfanatic
Summary: Sam and Dean Winchester find out that they have a younger half-sister they never knew about. After a message from their father telling them she's in danger, they travel to Sunnydale, California, but things don't turn out exactly as planned. AU!

I want an update to this fic so bad. This was the first Buffy is a Winchester fic I read and it is what made me love the idea in the first place.Great story that everyone should read and review

Author: BuffyWinchester
Summary: Strong language. Angst. Buffy/Dean, but not in the conventional way.

I love THIS. Character Death but don't let that stop you because it is worth the read.

Title:Family of Friends
Author: Wolfsong
Summary: Response to Challenge 1555: Destiny's Cross. Buffy and the Winchesters meet up before Buffy was chosen. They meet up again when either one needs help.

I answered the same challenge because it was too good not to and Wolfsong did is doing a great job so far. This one is Buffy/Dean (my list is full of it) and is only 5 chapters so far.

Title:Head First
Author: supernaturalfanatic
Summary: After a rendezvous in Los Angeles, Dean discovers something that will forever change his life… A daughter…

Who doesn't love a baby fic? Or child fic between Buffy and Dean? Buffy/Dean, funny, well written and as of right now incomplete.

Title:What We Cannot Have
Author: Kaye
Summary: Challenge set by Dani over at Route 66. Sam and Dean are tracking a demon in Sunnydale where they find the slayer. Sam dates her, but Dean truly loves her. What will happen when a routine hunt becomes more complicated than they ever dreamed possible?

I admit I've only read the first four chapters but even i love it a lot and when i get the time I will read the rest. This is the largest Buffy/Dean fic out there (and I can say that with certainty) and it is updated like crazy. Over 100,000 words and 43 chapters.

Title:Seeking Normal
Author: Tanydwr
Summary: Jessica Summers and Sam Winchester attend Stanford University with one thing in mind: a normal life. Unfortunately, the supernatural world around them isn’t that keen to let them go… S/J. Eventual B/D.

I admit I first started reading it because Tanydwr based it off one of my stories but it has gone beyond anything I have ever written. In this story is one of the most unusual and orginial supernatural storylines ever and Jessica is such a well established and believeable character. Also, the updates are coming as soon as I beta them cause have about 200 pages to go over that haven't been posted yet.

Title:Just Not Today
Author: Ava
Summary: She would tell him the truth one day. She promised herself she would.

I LOVE Buffy/Dean, we all know that but with this Ava did something I thought was impossible and made me fall in love with the idea of Buffy/John, further more she inspired me to write my own Buffy/John story. This is an amazing one-shot and the smut is AWESOME. It will leave you with pleasant chills.

Must join or be a member of Route 66:Destination Sunnydale to read, just think of it as being friendlocked. These are all Buffy/Dean fics.

Title:Until Morning
Author: Ava
Summary: Songfic blamed on Krystal and based on the VAST song ‘Somewhere Else to Be.’
Take me in
I want out
That's all I need
I wish I could run from everything

Blamed on me of which I am proud because this is awesome. Ava is an amzing writer and after reading this you should check out the rest of her fics.

Title:Tuesday Morning
Author: Britt
Summary: Just a really nice fluffy morning of love at the Summers house cuz really, I love my angst but I needed some cheese.

Cute and perfect for when you need to smile.

Title:Evil Has Many Faces
Author: IceBlueRose
Summary: It was supposed to be a simple case of meeting a new Slayer. Then Giles points her in the direction of a shapeshifter and Buffy's night just goes downhill from there.

Nicole again cause she's just that amazing. READ!!!

Title:Never Pain to Tell Thy Love
Author: Bobbie-Rae
Summary: A demonic King Menelaus searches through time for the incarnation of his bride Helen seeking to trap her for her betrayal in loving Paris. When he cannot find her he offers only brutal and archaic death. But what will happen when he believes that Buffy is this century’s reincarnation of Helen?

I have never read a story like this, I am constantly amazed by some writers ability to take the characters we know and love and make them and the world they live in their own. This is COMPLETE and very well written.

Title:Dirty Sunshine
Author: Britt
Summary: A large group of teenage girls. One bathroom. You do the math.

I don't think I have the words to describe how much I love this fic. So damn funny I was giggling all day after I read it. Little gems like these make me link it like crazy.

Title:Too Much Interference
Author: IceBlueRose
Summary: The Scoobies, Sam, and everyone else may feel like they know too much about Buffy and Dean, but they're not the only ones. Because, really, Buffy and Dean just want to know when they're all going to stop interfering in their lives. And more importantly, when they're going to stop interrupting them.

Another great one that must be read to love.

Title:Burning Memories
Author: Lisa
Summary: Illusions are a devils game that blur the black and white lines to gray. Evil is back, but which form will it appear in?

Lisa really slammed in a brilliant story here. It's no wonder she is one of the driving forces behind the Buffy/Dean explosion.

Title:The Dragon
Author: PyroDescorpio2
Summary: Things go terribly wrong in Dead Mans Blood and soon Dean Winchester becomes that of which he hunted all these years. Cue in Buffy Summers, can she put him back on track to fight the good fight: or will he just be too damn tempting, making her drabble into the darkness…

Dark Dean fics are just too good to resist so I don't bother and neither should you.

Title:Dream Lover
Author: Vituralperson
Summary: A captive Dean finds an interesting way to get The Slayer’s attention.

Smutty, orginial, and FUN.

Title:Full On Swayze
Author: Saturn
Summary: Spirit!Dean does what he has to get into contact with Sam and John at the hospital. He's in for a bit of a shock when his temporary plan turns a bit more permanent. Body!Swap.

Not my usual tpe of fic but this one had me laughing so hard I keep going back to it everytime I have a shitty day. Poor, poor Dean.

Title:Ladies Man
Author: Saturn
Summary: Buffy finds the secret to why Dean has so many one night stands. And learns something important about herself in the process.

I laughed so hard when i read this, never have I been so glad to see an anti-Buffy/Dean fic.

Title:Shotgun Wedding
Author: mute90
Summary: Dean and Dawn have a shotgun wedding, Spike is holding the shotgun. Sam POV.

I am not a Dean/Dawn fan at all but by the end of this fic I didn't even care who the couple were, I just couldn't stop smiling.

Title:New Place, Same Fight
Author: Dhfreak
Summary: Hermione has move away from Europe trying to handle the lost of her love ones. She goes and attends Stanford. However she learns that nothing will ever be easy in life.

Mel desperately needs to update this, part of the reason why The Family Business has gotten so big. This is a great BtVS/SPN/Harry Potter crossover story.

This is not a complete list, I will be adding more fics to it as I go (and go back and read some of the stories I've misses). There are no slash fics here, they will have a rec list all there own. If you like these stories remeber to let the authors know
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