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Fic: Differnt Kind of Deal

Title: Different Kind of Deal
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: #10 Manips Dean/Anya
Word Count: 1156
Characters: Dean, Anya,
Spoilers: BtVS post Chosen, SPN season 2 AHBL part 1 & 2
Summary: While searching for the Crossroads Demon Dean runs across someone from his past, someone who has the power to bring his brother back to life.

A/N: 3rd entry for this challenge. This is what I think would have happened in crossover world lol. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Dean got out of the Impala the things he needed already in his pocket. His face was grim his mouth set in a grim line and his eyes were flat and determined. His steps slowed as he heard a raised voice suspicion dancing in his green eyes.

He moved cautiously every nerve focused and intent on the female voice that was raised loudly in conversation. The voice tugged at the back of his mind almost as if he had heard it before and Dean moved off the dirt road and into the grass looking past the tree.

She was beautiful with a generous mouth and shoulder length blond curly hair. She looked sweet and wholesome and extremely pissed off as she yelled at the sky each word reminding Dean that he knew her, had met her before.

“Damn you D’Hyffron this was not part of the deal.” She screamed looking anything but wholesome and Dean could now recall a time when the lines on her face weren’t so smooth. His eyes went to the simple jeweled necklace around her neck and a plan began to form the items in his pocket forgotten.

The grass absorbed his steps as he positioned himself behind her using the training that had been his life since he was four years old. He didn’t see the sweet young woman before him but the scarred and malicious creature he had encountered all those years ago.

His arm wrapped around her neck tightening so she could not breath her nails digging into his arm as she tried to claw her way loose. His face was emotionless as he felt her body weaken against his. She might not be human but she still needed to breath and without oxygen she sagged into his arms eyes closing.

Dean picked her up in his arms her body cradled against him as he walked back to the car placing her gently into the passenger’s seat.

He needed her.

He needed her because 5 years ago after Sam had left he had giving up the rigid self control he had imposed on himself and had drunk until he couldn’t walk a straight line and know that the woman that was offering herself to her in the bar didn’t know the rules of the game.

She had expected more and Dean had been just drunk enough and raw from his brother’s abandonment that he had lashed out, using the wit and sarcasm that had served him so well to cut as deep as he could, to make her hurt as much as possible without digging the knife into her chest himself. He had wanted to make her cry and he had, he had destroyed her and at the time he had been too beaten himself to care.

A week later he had met the retribution in the form of Anyanka, Vengeance Demon of scorned woman and all around bitch. The only thing that had saved him from the girl’s “wish” had been the amulet tied to his neck that Jim had given him when he was 15.

Once again he was too raw and beaten to care whom or what he was hurting.

The woman beside him groaned and Dean glanced over at her eyes going back to the road as he drove back to the house where he had left his little brother’s body. He had promised to protect Sammy and he had failed and he wasn’t just going to accept it.

He couldn’t and he wouldn’t.

“What in the hell is wrong with you Winchester?” the woman growled eyes opening to glare at him looking more than a little pissed off a hand coming up to rub her neck.

“A lot of things apparently,” Dean muttered giving her a bitter grin. He got down to business ignoring her open hostility “I know what you are.” he spat out angrily.

She rolled her arms “Than you should know I can rip your throat out at any second.”

The smile that slipped on Dean’s face was smug “You probably could but I doubt it,” one hand has on the wheel and the other held a gun that was pointing at her.”

She looked down at the gun “You can’t kill me, not with that.”

Dean flashed her a smirk eyes flashing “May not kill you but it will hurt like hell,” he pointed the gun at the necklace “and the way I figure it it will be give me enough time to grab that trinket of yours, it is your power source isn’t it?”

She stopped glaring her eyes softening “This isn’t necessary, the whole threatening my life and being a bastard thing.” She grimaced “Pretty big freaking coincidence finding me at this moment.”

The gun wavered and Dean’s eyes narrowed “What in the hell are you talking about?”

She rolled her eyes muttering under her breath “God humans are really this dense.” She informed him bluntly “If you hadn’t saw me you would have ended up making some dumbass deal with the crossroad’s skank that would only give you a year of pain and suffering most of that for the brother you claim to love so much.” She returned to glaring at him “Didn’t you learn anything from what your father did, do you really want to put you brother through that?”

Dean stared at her stunned instinctively pulling the car into the driveway. His eyes left her to lock on the wooden frames without really seeing them pain reflected in their depths. His hand tightened on the steering wheel his knuckles going white sweat beading at the top of his lip. It felt like his insides were on fire and all he wanted to do was scream and he couldn’t, his throat was dry and his eyes burned.

“What do I do?” he asked softly his voice rough.

Anya widely “Well first you stop pointing that gun at me cause I like this blouse and I spent a lot of hard earned money on it, and the rest you should know.”

Dean nodded and closed his eyes tightly as he whispered “I wish my brother was alive.”

He looked over at her and her face shifted become scarred eyes glowing and the voice was rougher but still hers “Done.”
Tags: .character: anya, .gen, author: chosenfire28, team: winchester

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