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Fic: Puppy Love

Title: Puppy Love
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Challenge 10 MANIPS
Pairing: Sam/Faith
Characters: Sam, Faith, Buffy, Dawn, puppy
Spoilers: BtVS post Chosen, SPN preseries
Summary: When Sam goes to college he meets a local fitness trainer and they star dating. On one of their more diastorous dates they find a stray puppy that keeps following them.

A/N: This fic is dedicated to pyrodescorpio2 for her lovely fic One More Time that will be the inspiration for any Faith/Sam fics I will ever write because she writes them so beautifully.

Sam had meet her after one of his classes. Dawn Summers, his self proclaimed study buddy had taken him to a club she knew to celebrate the end of midterms. Dawn had been attached to him ever since the star of the semester and Sam thought of her as his best friend. She was funny and exburent and NORMAL.

They had gotten together with a group of their friends and Sam had spent most of the night sitting at a table barely touching the beer he was legal enough to buy. He wasn't drinking it anyway, Dawn was, she had over a year to go and would not denied her right to have a good time.

Dawn had finally pulled him out on the dancefloor when two woman had approached Dawn both stunningly different, one small, tan, and blond the other brash and brunette.

The blond was Dawn's older sister Buffy and something had happened at home and they needed Dawn's help. The only way she would go is if Faith would stay behind and show Sam a good time.

She had and Sam had been reluctant at first. They had danced and laughed and she had given him her number. Suprisingly two days later Sam had called and they had gone on small fun filled dates for about a month.

She was a fitness trainer at a local club for girls and she taught self defense and martial arts. Sam had gone to a couple of her classes and had gotten his ass kick much to the delight of his so called best friend who had been trying to set them up for months.

His cellphone rang and Sam groaned rolling over in bed to scan the number. He grimaced wondering how Dean had gotten since this was a new phone his old one at the bottom of a lake when Faith had dared him to skinny dip.

Sam looked at the phone and set it back on the table his mouth set in a grim line.

"Who was it?" Faith asked coming out of the bathroom a towel wrapped around her body.

Sam grinned sitting up "No one." His eyes roozed over her body hopefully "This isn't for my benefit is it?"

She leaned down to press a quick hot kiss to his lips "Not this time babe, I have to get to work." She grimaced "God I can't believe I said that." shaking her head at the thought of being responsible. She moved to the dresser grabbing some clothes out of it letting the towel drop.

Sam groaned and closed his eyes getting up and turning around his back to her to reach for his pants on the ground "You do that on purpose." he grouched pulling on his jeans.

Hands slipped around his waist on her body pressed against his back saddly clothed "You love it." she whispered in his ear before drawing away and throwing his shirt at him. He caught it grinning pulling it over his head.

"I'll walk you to work." he told her reaching for his shoes.

She stood before him fully dressed for work in a pair of black jogging pants and a white tank top. She looked him over "So you can what protect me?" she asked sarcasm dripping from her voice.

He grinned standing pocketing his phone towering over her "No, so you can protect me."

She rolled her eyes and grabbed her bag tossing it to Sam who slung it over his shoulder. They had determined earlier that each had to give a little bit of ground to make their relationship work. Such as Sam letting Faith go alone at night for her walks and Faith letting Sam carry her bags and open doors for her.

That went outside the wide two story house Faith shared with the Summer girls and Andrew not to mention four other teenagers that were a part of the homeschooling border school system they worked for. Sam didn't ask any questions, he had stopped asking questions when he had left his family.

The place they rented out for their club was only a couple of blocks away so Sam slipped his arm around Faith's waste enjoying the chilly air of the California winter weather. Faith stopped beside him her body freezing up as she turned suspiciously towards the alley.

"What is it?" Sam asked softly sensing the tension in her body.

"I don't know," she replied offhandedly moving towards the sound "I herad something."

Sam follwed behind her going on alert years of training breaking through.

There was a shuffle in the shadows and a trash can tipped over something yelping and racing its way towards them. A blur of gold fur hit Faith in the legs and Sam bent down to scoop up the wriggling animal. "It's just a puppy." Sam laughed relieved holding the thing against his chest as it tried to attack his face tongue soaking his arms in doggy kisses.

Faith looked at the thing doubtfully "It could be an evil puppy, you never know."

Sam looked over at her grinning "I think its a normal dog." he offered it to Faith he tenatively took it in her arms the thing calming down as she ran her hands over its small body a frown on her face "It has no tags, it must be a stray." She cradled the animal looking wistfully down at its head as it nuzzled her "Growing up I always wanted a puppy."

Sam slipped an arm around her waist "No better time like the present."

Faith looked up at him her dark eyes conflicted a ghost of fear crossing her features "I can't take care of an animal. I'd end up killing the thing, I mean I don't do that taking care of thing. That's more B's job." she looked slightly panicked.

Sam looked down at the puppy thoughtfully "You know I never had a dog growing up, we moved around too much but I think I can help you out." He urged her softly "C'mon see the thing already loves you." He pointed out to the way the puppy was cuddling against her eyes closing sleepily.

Faith nodded "Well maybe, I really have to get to work." she changed the subject.

Sam wrapped his arms around her shoulders "Then lets go, the girls will get a kick out of the mutt, maybe you can have them chase him around.." he suggested helfully.

Faith rolled her eyes and they began to walk to the club a small golden puppy tucked under Faith's arm. She bit her lip saying evilly "B does have a lot of shoes, maybe I can just strick the thing in her room and see what damage it does."
Tags: .pairing: faith/sam, author: chosenfire28, team: winchester

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