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Fic: Burn Away

Title: Burn Away
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owner and I make no profit off playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Challenge 10 MANIPS Buffy,Dean
Pairing: Buffy/Dean
Characters: Buffy, Sam, Dean
Word Count:1270
Spoilers: SPN season 2 IMToD, BtVS post Chosen
Summary: There father is dead and Sam's the only one healing, he wants to help Dean and he thinks the woman on the other end of the line will be the one to bring his brother out of the darkness.

A/N: First entry for Challenge 11, yes I am using my own manip but not to worry I plan on going through them all. Also for the purpose of this story discount the events of Route 666, no Cassies. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

He had found Dean's cellphone thrown on the bed Dean had been sleeping in since they had been crashing at Bobb'y. Dean's bed was messy and unmade and the cellphone lay open on one of the pillows. Sam had been in the bathroom shaving when he had heard the dooor slam and he had poked his head out of it in time to see his older brother's retreating form.

Sam reached for the phone whipping off the leftover gel that still clung to his face. He turned it over to see what had pushed his brother over the edge and sent him back to the junkyard where the Impala sat totalled and far away from the former glory that had been a legacy.

Moisture appeared in his eyes making them burn cause there was only so much you could cry before it just hurt. He scrolled through the messages, just numbers but just as painful as the worn brown journal that rested at the bottom of Dean's bag.

Somehow the cellphone had survived intact and Sam had given it back to Dean this morning having gotten it from the hospital when he had went to sign the papers to release their dad's body.

He had also collected the plastic bag that held a golden wedding band, a small pocket knife, and a set of dog tags. Dog tags Dean had once used to quiet a screaming Sam after their mother had died. The pocket knife Sam had found when he was three and had put under Dean's pillow. The wedding band that their father never was without.

Sam took a deep breath clossing his eyes tightly to beat back the tears. After he expelled the breath he turned his attention back to the phone exiting out of the messages knowing the best thing he could do fore the both of them was to delete them but he couln't, he just couldn't.

As he exited out an incoming call was coming through. Sam didn't recognize the number and he felt guilty as he answered not wanting to invade his brother's privacy but unable to resist.

"Hello?" Sam answered tenatively.

"Dean?" a soft feminine voice came across the other end.

Sam looked around frantically then admitted sheepishly "This isn't Dean, this is his brother Sam."

"Finally the infamous Sammy, tell me do you always answer your big brother's phone?" the woman asked teasingly and Sam couldn't help the small smile that slipped onto his lips. It had been awhile since he had been able to smile but the person on the other end of the line seemed to sound so free and normal.

"No, not always." Sam replied honestly. "So tell me," Sam moved to the window where he could see Dean leaning under the hood of the car "how do you know my brother, he's not exactly the most social person."he watched Dean work notting the tight lines that made up his features theses days "and you guys must be really close for him to have told you about me."

He heard a shuffle on her end and voices yelling in the background "Figures he still hasn't told you about me, he keeps putting it off until you guys have found your father and taken down the demon."

Sam stopped stunned "You know about the demon?" Dean had told her about the demon. Whoever she was she knew the big family secret and apparently she had known Dean for awhile, Sam suspected she was the one Dean was always sneaking away to talk to. For awhile Sam had thought maybe Dean had found a sexline or was running a phone acam.

There was a long pause on her end before he heard her mutter "Dammit Dean I told you to tell him, stupid men."

"Tell me what?" Sam asked softly forgetting that his brother was just outside the window beating his body to the point of exhaustion so he didn't have to think or feel.. Forgetting that his eyes felt like sandpaper and his throat felt even worse from having felt too much.

He heard her take a deep breath "Dean and I are married, we have been for a year now." Silence greeted her announcement and was broken in she put in nervously "I'm sorry we haven't even met, my name is Buffy, Dean and I worked together on a couple of cases and we were in Vegas and couldn't think of a reason not to so we got married."

Sam let the information sink in feeling unsure of how he was suppose to react "So you're a Hunter too?"

"Of sorts, I really am ssrry to just dump this on you." He could hear the sincerity in her voice. "We wanted to tell you after you found your dad."

Sam shawolled his throat feeling raw and he looked back where Dean stood by the car his hand gliding over the beaten up metal his eyes distant "Our dad died, there was a wreck and he didn't make it." he admitted softly as Dean went back to work a wrench held loosely in his hand.

At Buffy's quick indrawn of breath he mused aloud watching his brother "I think Dean needs you." oil stained the shirt Dean was wearing and there was a cut on his hand he didn't even seem to notice "he's not doing so well."

"Tell me where to meet you and I'll be there." she said firmly and Sam felt something in him loosen and lighten, maybe, just maybe, someone could heal the jagged pieces that were their family.


The car was a rental and Buffy was glad she had paid for damages in advance. It wasn't that she was a bad driver she just didn't wasted time in paying attention to signs, and lights, and the brake had to be stuck. She got out of the car having parked on the side of the road her cellphone was in her pocket and the call had come as she had been minutes away from Bobby Singer's.

Dean and Sam had gone to burn their father's body. Morbid yes but Buffy understood the reasoning. They hunted Demons and spirits, the way they had been raised wasn't exactly normal and they were just given their dad the send off he would have wanted.

Hell Buffy had let Willow and the rest of the Scoobies know that they next time she died she wanted to be cremenated, she didn't want to risk being brought back again. Three times better be a charm.

The Slayer made her way through the dense forest until she found the clearing Sam had told her they had picked. There they stood side by side as John Winchester went up in flames.

Sam was tall and in need of haircut but Buffy easily recognized him fro the long conversations she had shared with Dean and the pictures he had showed her that had survived the fire that had killed his mom and had taken away the only home he had ever known.

Buffy walked up slowly her hand slipping into his and he looked over at her the tears in his eyes shining brightly. She gave him a soft smile and squezzed his hand resting her head on his shoulder as the smell of burning flesh hit her.

The fire was consuming the body that had once been a father and Buffy knew there was more to the story, a car accident. Warriors didn't die from a car accident, heroes didn't just not make it. The father had raised his sons to hunt and had made a name for his family to be feared had made a decision that had cost him his life.

Buffy felt Dean grip her hand tightly as his eyes went back to the flames and the tears that had been held for so long in his eyes began to fall in a silent wave.

Sam moved to stand on her other side and a sad smile of thanks ghosted on his lips. He had been grieving for awhile now and he had been healing but now it was Dean's turn.

Buffy returned his smile her other hand moving to touch his arm in a gesture of comfort and understanding.

Standing between the two Winchesters one who had held her heart for years and was now suffering and the other who had already suffered and was now stepping up to protect the former Buffy knew she wouldn't be going anywhere for awhile.

Sam couldn't piece Dean back together but she could, she would try atleast because she was never one to stand around a let the world beat down the people she loved.
Tags: author: chosenfire28, team: winchester

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