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Goodbye To You

A/N: This is my first manip story in the LJ challenge: Slaying the Supernatural. The prompt picture can be found at: And everyone give thanks to kaylashay and her uncanny talent for making manips.


Title: Goodbye To You
Author: PyroDeScorpio2
Characters: Ellen, (Giles mentioned)
Rated: PG13
Challenge: #10 Manip Based Stories, Team Roadhouse
Disclaimer: I don’t have a single damn right to SPN or BTVS… *pout*
Summary: In the ruins of the Roadhouse, an unsent letter is found from one lover to another… A goodbye letter.  Takes place near All Hell Breaks Loose. 
Words: 1065

The following letter was found in the remains of the Roadhouse: a secret hideaway that was supposed to be a safe haven for those that fought against the forces of darkness. May all those that perished in the attack rest in peace…





I know you said we should never talk again. But I find myself in sort of a pickle, and I’m not sure if I’m going to survive. Something big is going to happen. Apocalypse big? Probably. Am I going to survive? Probably not. You know as well as I do that I’m getting too old for this.  I know that you are feeling the same way as well.


Of course, things never really ended up like they should have. Hell, I never really expected to tell you this way, but just incase something happens… I’m so pleased to know that you’re doing well with your Slayers. So I know I’m stalling. I’m sending Jo to you, if you can handle her that is. She’s so much like her father…


Like you.




Of course, she’s a lot like me too. She has my personality for sure, my looks which I remembered you liking as well. And, she’s also a Slayer…



So, are you done cursing and cleaning your glasses now? I hope so… Oh Rupert, I never imagined that I’d tell you this way. Hell, I never imagined a lot of things. When we first met and when we got together I figured we’d get engaged and the judge in the nearest county or town would marry us. We need not go where the past lie. I know I screwed up big and every night I think about the mistakes I made all those years ago. Especially with you and Jo.


I should have told you about being a Slayer. I was supposed to be dead: ergo others being called. When I found out that you were a Watcher, so much had happened before that I just kept it a secret. I’m sorry. And yes, Jo is yours. One hundred percent…


You know I still love you. Hell, I always will. In its present time, now, I’m not sure if we could make it. So maybe secrets and lies have been webbed that it’d be impossible for us to break free. So now we do know we still have a connection. Jo. Do we know whether we could make it work? Not really, but I’m willing to try again: or even just take small steps to become civil to each other? Damn Ripper, you know I miss you so damn much. I think of you and my heart feels like it’s going through the shredder.


I got a line from Angel, telling me more of what he found on this demon. I hear he and Spike took down some nasty sons of bitches. Now, when Jo comes: keep her from that other vampire. Spike. He’s always going for the blondes and taking them to his room: crypt, from what I’ve heard. Tell Buffy I give her my best. I talked to her and she said you were trying to retire? Well, here’s wishing you a Happy Retirement.


We all know that the Demons will always take us out of retirement and back onto the hunt. I know. Hell, Bill and John knew. We’re all that’s left of the old hunting crew, Rupert. Well, other than Olivia that is…


Rupert, I want you to be happy. Please be happy with Jo. I know, she’s practically a grown woman.  A hard girl to handle and I have no problem with Buffy teaching her a thing or two. Actually, make it Faith. Why Faith? Because that girl has got a good head on her shoulders and Jo wouldn’t listen to a girl like Buffy no matter how many times she slammed her into a mat. Just watch out for any confrontations: from what I heard Faith was having relations with Dean Winchester. Our daughters crush, just so you know.


Another thing, keep an eye on those boys. They’re all that’s left of our friend John. They’re the ones, the ones that’s supposed to be with your Slayer’s to make it a better place out there. The ones that can finally put a huge dent in evil world. Much like your Buffy has.


If Jo doesn’t come to you, the last I heard of her was that she was in Duluth. I’m sending a charm bracelet she left behind to you: incase you need to do a spell to find her. I hate magic, but in this case, I’m Okaying it.


Ash sent Willow a file containing all the Intel that we’ve come up with for the demon we’re fighting. Also, more Intel on its horde, migrating patterns, and whatever the hell else we could dig up. We’re more than confident that she can break what he couldn’t.


Do you remember when we met? What you don’t know was that I was patrolling that night. Just got done with my rounds and was on my way to my Watcher when you and your wild group of friends bust out of the local Bar. Man, all of you were shit faced and you saw me, put on that cocky grin, and bet all your friends that you could get me into bed. Hell, I had been ready to level you ass right then and there, put you in your place. Lucky for you, there was an Apocalypse that needed a taking care of.


I had thought it was so sweet, then, when you found me three days later, to apologize for your behavior. I wasn’t so ready to forgive you but your eyes made me do it. Those eyes could make me do anything, as you so very much know. And so that you know, that last night together, out in New York? At your place a week before the wedding… That’s when Jo happened. That’s when we made a baby… God, I’m not sure I’ll ever forgive myself for this. Could you ever forgive me? They way you looked at me when I left to catch my plane back to Bill makes me think not.


This isn’t goodbye. Well, hell, maybe it is. Just know, that if I go. If I’m gone by the time you read this, that I~~




The letter is incomplete…




Tags: .oldchallenges: weekly, .pairing: giles/ellen, author: pyrodescorpio2, team: roadhouse

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