jinnifanfic (jinnifanfic) wrote in spn_btvs,

Challenge #9 --- STILL ACTIVE

I tried posting this for most of the day yesterday and couldn't because of LJ's issues.

In light of all of the problems that have been happening with LJ (not being able to post, comment, etc) - Challenge #9 will remain in effect until 06/11/2007.

So - keep working on that prompt list.

Just a note - someone asked me if people would get penalized for having other characters (besides those in the prompt) in the fic. We have never said that you can't use other characters in your fic. All that the prompt is saying is that you must use those TWO (or THREE) characters as the main plot point of your fic. Got it?
Tags: .oldchallenges: weekly, team: hellfire, team: roadhouse, team: winchester

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