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Fic: Job Offers

Title: Job Offers
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off this.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Dawn/Sam -- "Another thing that shows I'm smarter than you" - Pg13
Characters: Dawn, Sam
Word Count: 1184
Spoilers: BtVS post Chosen, SPN preseries
Summary: Sam finds himself being drawn back into the world he had tried to leave and meets a girl named Dawn who makes it seem like a good thing.

A/N: Entry number 6 for challenge 9. This was inspired by a new community created by dhfreak and myself called samxdawn Let me know what you think and ENJOY

Sam whispered the numbers under his breath as his eyes moved rapidly over the books self after self filled with the most obscure and clearly not used texts he had been pointed to. Stanford was a big college and the library housed every form of literature, even ancient exorcism rituals.

When Sam had brought it up with his Occult professor he had been told hypothetically what one would need if they wanted to exorcise a demon that ripped out the hearts of young red headed women.

He came to the spot where the book was suppose to be and swore under his breath seeing the dust that covered the others scrapped and leaving an empty spot.

He hadn’t wanted to become involved, to use the training of his previous life, but people were dying and he knew how to stop at. At least he would know if he had that book.

“Looking for this?” a voice asked playfully and Sam’s head shot up to look at a young woman about his age with long curly brown hair and teasing blue eyes. There was something familiar about that coy smile and confident voice that pulled at the back of his mind.

While he couldn’t place where he had seen her before the book in her hand was definitely what he had been looking for.

“Funny.” she hopped down the ladder she had been standing on “you don’t look like an Exorcisms, Curses, and Black Magic’s type of guy.” she looked him over critically balancing the thick and old dark green book in her hand as she came to stand before him her head craning up to study him.

“It’s for a class assignment.” Sam told her softly reaching for the book only to have her move it out of his reach.

“Really?” she asked critically dancing out of his reach “cause I’m in that class and I don’t remember anything on the agenda about exorcisms, I believe we’re studying superstitions in the Middle East this week.”

Sam stared at her stunned, that’s where he had saw her. He often sat in the back of the class and spent most f the time working on his assignments for other classes while pulling an easy A in that one. She was often up at the front, the Professor’s 19 year old T.A and genius. She had passed the class when she was only 17 having taken it online while she was in Italy.

Seeing the recognition light in his eyes Dawn smiled broadly “So Sam Winchester what demon are you trying to exorcise,” she tossed him the book “cause whatever it is you’re better off using a Dummy’s Guide, the translations in that need some work.”

Sam caught the book easily and had to forcible close his mouth.

“I’m Dawn Summers as you probably know ad I know everything about you so don’t even try to deny it.” Seeing his eyes widen in suspicion she told him quickly “I’m in the same line of business as you, the whole hunting demon thing.”

Sam carefully placed the book back in its spot telling her firmly “I don’t do that anymore.”

“No,” she looked pointedly at where his hand still lingered on the book “than why are you here,” her eyes meet his “since you obviously have an interest in saving red heads on this campus than you can help me.”

Sam crossed his arms “You said the translations in the book are wrong.” he pointed out.

She grinned pulling out a folded piece of paper “That’s why I fixed them.”


The exorcism went off successfully. Sam sprained his rist and Dawn got a cut on her forehead but both were still standing and at 3 o’ clock in the morning were having coffee in Dawn’s spacious apartment off campus where she had patched Sam up and had been persuaded into letting Sam putting something on her cut.

She pulled out a folder and handed it to him before sinking down into the seat beside him on the couch watching him as he read the information she had been sent months earlier.

It was a detailed report of his life and who he was put together by the Watcher’s Council to let Dawn know he was coming her way and to give her instructions and what to do.

He threw the folder on the table and looked over at her suspiciously “Who are you?”

Dawn sighed “I’m the little sister of the longest living Slayer and a full fledged Watcher.” she set down her cup “I’m suppose to see if you want a job.”

Sam shook his head confused his forehead wrinkling “A job doing what?”

“Training Slayers. Hunting demons, researching, stopping the end of the world, and believe me the last one isn’t a joke.” she laughed without any amusement unsure of where she stood with him and her brain still frazzled from the unexpected kiss they had shared after the demon had been exorcised.

They had been watching the almost victim being wheeled into an ambulance and his arm was slipped around her waist as he had been supporting her when she had collapsed after whispering the last part of the spell. There eyes had meet and then there lips in a kiss that Dawn could only describe as WOW.

He sighed turning away from her “I came here to get away from that, to have a normal life.” he was just as confused as her just hiding it better.
Tags: .pairing: dawn/sam, author: chosenfire28, team: winchester

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