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Fic: Freaky Mind Powers

Title: Freaky Mind Powers
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Riley/Andy - "I'm going to make him see gay porn" - Pg13
Characters: Riley, Andy, Dean, Sam, Spike
Word Count: 1111
Spoilers: BtVS post Chosen, Ats post NFA, SPN post AHBL part2
Summary: Dean, Spike, and Andy have a plan for Riley and Sam is drawn into it.

A/N: Okay this is my fifth entry for this weeks challenge and by far the most humorous one. I couldn’t resist the prompt and want to say thank you to dhfreak for hashing this out with me over YIM. I don’t know how I can write anything without you anymore.

“What did you guys do?” Sam asked suspiciously as his brother and Andy stumbled into the kitchen both wearing matching wide grins that just spoke of trouble. He set down the beer he had got out of the fridge eyeing the two men.

Andy straightened up nudging Dean who finally noticed Sam and put on an innocent face “Hey Sammy, what did I tell you about drinking.” he tried to look serious.

Sam crossed his arms leveling him with a glance “To do it often and in large quantities,” he replied dryly then undeterred asked “What did you do?”

Dean looked at Andy a smile lingering on his lips “Who us,” he crossed over to his brother and snatched his beer off the table popping it open on the table giving Sam the patented Dean smirk “that really hurts that my own brother would accuse me like that.” he took a drink and turned to Andy “I mean really what kind of a man turns on his own brother?”

Playing along Andy shook his head sadly “Really it’s a shame, you being all he has left and he betrays you like this.” the two men looked ready to burst trying desperately to keep straight faces.

Sam rolled his eyes “My heart bleeds for you.” he remarked sarcastically and turned to the saner of the two “What did Dean talk you into this time?” ever since Andy had joined them him and Dean had been getting into trouble right and left and while Sam knew that Dean was mostly to blame it wasn’t like Andy ever said no to using his gift to further his brother criminal record.

After they had closed the gates to hell Sam had gotten a call from Andy asking them to pick him up cause hanging out in a deserted ghost town with a couple of dead bodies wasn’t his idea of a good time.

Apparently Andy had used his “gift” to convince Ava that she had killed him in a very bloody and gory way than had booked it as fast as possible and had taken cover in the basement of an old bar he had found. When the dust had settled and everyone was gone he had started freaking out and had finally gotten a signal.

So they had picked him up and ever since he had been traveling with them. He had even helped Dean hook up with a petite blond vampire Slayer that had invited them to spend some time at the training facility she ran, along with several other friends of hers.

So now they were at the International Watchers Council Cleveland version for as long as it took the last of their group to get some of her stuff and tell her friends that she would be traveling around the country with her Demon Hunter boyfriend, his brother, and their friend.

They had ended up having to stay an extra week or so cause some of Buffy’s old friends had showed up and Dean had almost dusted one when he found out the boy was a vampire, and Buffy’s ex.

The past week Sam had had to listen to Dean and Spike bicker and fight but last night another one of Buffy’s exes had stopped by, this one was some soldier who fought demons and apparently annoyed the hell out of Dean.

The newfound silence since had him worried.

Along with the satisfied grins that were being passed from Dean to Andy. Sam turned back to Andy and the guy caved, not because he was scared or anything but because his self control was slightly less existent than Dean’s.

“Well Andrew was going on and on about how he saved the place Wonder chick is from so I…” he was interrupted by Spike storming into the kitchen and making a beeline for the fridge.

Sam was stunned when Dean approached the vamp he had spent the past couple of days expressing his hate for “So how’s it coming?”

Spike smirked as he pulled a mug of blood out of the fridge and stuck it in the microwave. “Slayer and Captain Cardboards girl are going to show up just in time.” Spike turned to Andy “How’s your part coming mate?”

Andy grinned “The videos are in place and the suggestion has been planted.”

Sam looked between the three and turned to Dean “What are you guys up to?” The three shared a look and finally Dean gave Andy a nod.

The man light up as he explained. “Well Spike and Dean really don’t like Riley and I personally think the guys a jerk so I am going to make him watch gay porn and Buffy and his wife are going to walk in on him.”

All three faces varied between eagerness and utter delight.

Sam shook his head turning to Dean “Let me guess this was your plan?” Dean just answered with a smirk and Sam huffed in disgust muttering “I can’t believe you.”

He stormed off and as he went heard Andy whisper to Dean worried “You think he’s going to tell Riley.”

He was too far off to hear Dean’s reply which was “Don’t worry, he won’t say a word.”


Half an hour later Sam stormed into the kitchen to find Dean and Spike playing cards and Andy making breakfast in the middle of the night a beer in one hand and a spatula in the other.

Sam sat into the seat by Spike and his eyes bore into Dean’s anger rolling off him in waves “So what can I do to help?”

Dean smirked raising his beer to his mouth “That’s my boy.” he turned to Spike “Didn’t I tell you Soldier Boy would end up sticking his foot in his mouth.” he saluted Sam with his bottle “Don’t worry Sammy boy we have a job for you.”
Tags: .oldchallenges: weekly, author: chosenfire28, team: winchester

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