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Fic: The Lives We Lead

Title: The Lives We Lead
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off this.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Wesley/John - "You know, of course, that this will never work" - Pg13
Characters: Wesley, John, Ash, Ellen, Jo, Illyria
Word Count: 1107
Spoilers: Ats post NFA, SPN preseries and post AHBL part 2
Summary: At 16 Wesley knew that we could do something to save his little brother from following in their father’s footsteps, to do that he needs his cousin John Winchester.

A/N: I haven’t seen that many stories exploring Ash’s past so I am taking a shot at it. Let me know what you think.

Wesley Wyndam Pryce was 16 and already he already he knew that the world was a harsh place filled with monsters and demons and the people who would throw you to them just to see you torn to shreds.

One of those people was his own father.

Wesley wiped a hand across his forehead grimacing at the unforgiving heat of the Texas area. He was suppose to be there on a class assignment, as a member of the Watcher’s Academy he was to observe the Slayer at work.

The Slayer they had come to observed had been killed and the new one was being trained. While the rest of his class took the opportunity to have a mini vacation Wesley had more important business.

He looked back to see his eight year old little brother Edward sleeping in the car he had borrowed from the overworked Watcher that was accompanying them on this journey. Edward was small and pale having been pampered since the day he was born as the baby of the family.

As a toddler he had often been sick and it was only recently that his health had started to improve. That is why his father had allowed him to be a part of this trip.

His father was cruel and a perfectionist and once Edward turned 10 Wesley knew that he was to start his training to be a Watcher.

Training that would end up killing him.

So Wesley had called in a favor from an American cousin. A man who could save his younger brother from a future of ridicule and constant belittlement. He would save his brother from the life he was leading.

He straightened as a gleaming black truck pulled in beside the car a man with closed cropped dark hair and harsh eyes stepping out to face him. “You Pryce?” the voice was as intimidating as the man.

Wesley stuck up his chin his voice quivering slightly “I am.” This was his American cousin, John Winchester. His father refused to acknowledge the connection claiming Winchester was a rogue demon hunter with no respect for the proper procedures one must go through in their line of business.

That was precisely why Wesley had called him.

John sighed and looked in the car his voice softening “That the kid?’

Wesley relaxed slightly when John sent him a reassuring glance “Yes that is my brother Edward.” His little brother, who had been following him around since he was born. Edward was bright and inquisitive and GOOD. Edward was the only one in his family who believed in him.

John turned to him “You know of course this will never work.” Referring to the plan Wesley had come up with,

Wesley swallowed nervously “You said you know people who could …”

“I do,” John interrupted him “good people, but he won’t stay hidden for long if someone comes looking for him.”

Wesley smiled softly relieved and saddened “I already know what to do, believe me no one will look for him.” His father would hate him even more but Wesley was used to that. He moved to the car and opened the door reaching inside and gently lifting his brother up and passing him to John who cradled the young boy easily.

Edward Asher Wyndam Pryce would be safe. Safe from the life Wesley could never escape.


2 years later…..

“Ellen,” John nodded softly as he entered the Roadhouse. Dean and Sam were at Caleb’s while he was on a job. He had decided to make a stop at the Roadhouse before he picked them up and got them settled in the next town.

The dark haired woman behind the bar lifted her head up and gave him a slight nod “John.” She wiped her hands on the rag she had been using to wipe down the corners and made her way to his side of the bar “so what brings you here?”

“Just checking on the boy.” John looked over where Ellen’s blond haired little girl Jo played by the jukebox with another young child, this one with curly brown hair and a quick grin as he changed the songs.

Ellen followed his gaze and smiled softly “He’s doing fine, Jo loves Ash, they go everywhere together.”

“Ash?” John asked softly turning to her.

Ellen just grinned “Jo’s doing, she didn’t like the name Edward.”

Two years ago John had brought a young boy to the Roadhouse and Ellen didn’t even hesitate to take him in as her own. She was hard working and John knew that with her that the little boy Pryce had asked him to take would be safe. No one had ever come looking for him and he would grow up in the Roadhouse a part of the Harvelle family.


Ash rubbed his wrist knowing he should have never let Jack borrow his watch, the Hunter had been convincing and Ash had been in a hurry to meet Jo where her momma couldn’t find her. He had kept touch with her ever since she had disappeared, giving her jobs and passing along information.

He drove up to where the Roadhouse should be and his eyes widened stunned. All that was left was charred remains of the place that had offered a shelter to him and Hunters for years.
Tags: .character: wesley, author: chosenfire28, team: winchester

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