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Fic: We Are the Protected Ones

Title: We Are the Protected Ones
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Challenge 9 Dawn/Sam - protector - Pg13
Word Count: 1179
Characters: Sam, Dawn, Buffy, Dean
Characters: Buffy/Dean, Sam/Dawn
Spoilers: BtVS post Chosen, SPN season 2 post AHBL part2
Summary: Sam and Dawn must deal with that fact that they can’t protect their family, at least not the stubborn siblings they were saddled with. But maybe they can protect the newest addition to their family.

A/N: This story developed as I was writing it and when I started it I had no clue how it would end. It is post the season 2 finale and deals with the deal Dean made. Let me know what you guys think.

He walked in to see her tangled up in the sheets of the bed she had been sleeping in with her sister. Her bare legs pale but in the healthy “I tan but wear lots of sunscreen” way and long brown hair tumbling in waves that should have looked messy but only made her more beautiful.

She was soft and stunning, big blue eyes set in a classically beautiful face with ivory skin that looked less pale and more ethereal than anything he had ever seen.

Those eyes shone with tears that sparkled brilliantly like shattered glass turned liquid.

Seeing the desperate plea, the question in there depths he shook his head his throat closing up making it impossible for speech.

She deflated again the little energy she had gained from hope deflated by the truth and she settled back into the warmth of the covers that itched and scratched her delicate skin.

The Summers woman, both brilliantly stunning and strong, had been traveling with them for over six months, both had their reason for staying. Buffy stayed for Dean and the ever increasing bulge in her stomach that signaled the growing danger to their small family and Dawn stayed for her sister, for the woman who had never let her down, and for Sam, the man who had turned her head and made butterflies dance in her stomach.

They had been happy but there was always a somber truth kept buried beneath smiles and the hunts they had shared. Everyone desperately was scrambling to find an “out” on the deal that could take a brother away, that could take a man away before he became a father.

Sam had been unable to find that miracle “get out of jail card” and as a year counted down Dean had vanished and Buffy had followed very pregnant and very vulnerable yet unwilling to loss the man she had come to love.

The one year mark had passed. One year since Dean had made the deal with the Crossroads Demon to bring him back. A year since Dean had traded his life for Sam’s and there had been no word.

The newest Winchester was due to arrive any day and neither younger sibling knew if the ones who had always cared for them, always protected them, were okay.

Sam took off his jacket letting it fall to the floor and he slipped off his shoes easing himself into the bed beside Dawn drawing her into his arms until her head was buried in his chest and slat blended into the cotton fabric of his shirt while all he could was hold her while she cried.

Her hands slipped around his waist offering him some comfort and he breathed in her scent closing his eyes tightly not wanting to see the light. Only wanting to feel this woman in his arms.

He didn’t know if his brother was alive or dead, he didn’t know if the deal he had made had finally caught up with him. Dean had always protected him and the one time it was his turn to protect Dean he had failed.

He had failed Dean.

“There’s a crossroads about a day away if we drive all night.” Sam told her softly when her cries had ceased.

She looked up at him and her eyes began to blaze “No.” she ground out firmly emotion choking her voice “No.”


“Dean gave his life for yours.” Dawn yelled at him pulling out of his arms as they sat up “Buffy is out there looking for him because he is protecting you so you have no right to sacrifice anything.”

Sam looked at her ashamed “I just wanted to protect him.”

Dawn smiled sadly “It’s not our job to protect them.” She touched Sam’s arm her finger tracing a pattern in his skin as she told him distractedly “They’ve always been the ones to do the protecting and we can’t change that.”

Sam nodded pulling her back into his arms. His phone beeped from where he had left it on the night stand when he had left and he groaned reaching over to see who had called.

He looked down at the number stunned his hand shaking as he paled and he brought the sell to his ear and listened to the message.

‘Hey Sammy,” Dean’s gravel like voice filled the space of silence “College didn’t even teach you to answer a damn phone,” he could hear someone in the background and he knew that it was Buffy, no one else would be with his brother “yeah yeah we beat the evil bitch and I am in the clear but we have a little problem, the baby’s coming and where about a mile from the hotel.” Now Sam’s could hear the yelling in the background “hurry and get hear and bring the brat, we need all the help we can get.”

“Dean how…” Sam began only to be sut off by a voice he had been dreading he would never hear again.

:Damn it Sammy we don’t have time for all the emo emotional crap, if you don’t want your niece or nephew born on the road than move your ass and get out here.”

“Okay,” Sammy paused than said softly “I love you Dean.”

He heard a grumble and a choked cough “Love you too bitch.” before they were disconnected.

A brilliant smiled graced the younger Winchester brothers lips and he turned to Dawn “There okay, Buffy’s having the baby.”

Dawn nodded “Then lets get going Stud.” there was joy in her voice and sparkling tears in her eyes as she stood up reaching for the pants she had discarded days earlier in favor of wallowing.

A soft laugh escaped Sam’s lips and he reached for his shoes, it was their turn to do the protecting, not of Dean and Buffy cause both of them were likely to punch him for trying but for baby Winchester who would be greeting the world with a legacy that could get it killed and it was up to them to make sure that didn’t happen.

He couldn’t protect Dean but he could protect Dean’s child and he would.
Tags: .oldchallenges: weekly, .pairing: buffy/dean, .pairing: dawn/sam, author: chosenfire28, team: winchester

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