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Fic: The Family Business

Title: The Family Business
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off this.
Rating: PG-13
Fandom’s: Supernatural/Harry Potter
Characters: Dean, Sam, Hermione, Ron, Harry
Pairing(s): Hermione/Ron
Spoilers: SPN post season 2 AHBL, Harry Potter post Book 6 Half Blood Prince AU Book 7
Summary: Hermione Granger leaves the war in the wizarding world behind to find the family that had given her up, her father a man named John Winchester.

A/N: This is for dhfreak who came up with the idea first and deserves a present for all the hard work she’s done through fics, graphics, and the Lj community chosen_hunters. Mel this is me saying thank you and I am glad I met you, hope you like.

Chapter 1 Just Don’t Look Back

She packed the bag with shaking hands silent sobs wracking her body. An orange fur ball weaved its way under her feet in an effort to comfort her. She bent down to scoop the rangy cat in her arms.

“Hermione.” there was a loud banging on her door and the young witch quickly reached up to wipe the tears from her eyes.

“Go away Ronald.” she yelled holding Crookshanks closer to her as she shut the zipped up the bag.

She could hear their muffled voices through the thin material of the door “Told you she wouldn’t listen Harry, that girl is bloody confusing.”

“Let me try.”

“Hermione,” Harry’s voice was soft and pleading “please let us in.”

Hermione closed her eyes against the latest onslaught of tears “Just leave me alone.” she breathed out desperately and after a quick scuffle on their end she heard a muffled okay before she once again experienced blissful silence.

Crookshanks meowed softly in her arms and Hermione pressed a quick kiss to his matted fur and reached for the animal carrier she had purchased telling the intelligent cat “It’s just for a few hours I promise.” she locked him in and pulling out her wand muttered an incantation for the cat to sleep.

No need to put him through the trauma of a flight.

Hermione surveyed the room making sure she had packed everything she needed and satisfied she reached for a thin envelope that laid on her desk at the small safe house she had been sharing with Harry and the Weasleys for the Christmas holiday.

It was their seventh year and without Dumbledore Hogwarts was no longer safe so the Order had been moving them around.

The last attack had been too close for comfort.

Ron had been adamant that she stay with his mother and sister while they went to comfort a group of Death Eaters that were rumored to be making their way to Diagon Alley. Harry had agreed saying that she should grieve the death of her parents.

Voldemort had found them and killed them.

Hermione looked down at the letter in her hand and sighed, she knew its contents by heart. She hadn’t shared it with Ron who had recently proposed to her.

Dear Hermione,
Professor Dumbledore has advised us to write a letter to you in event that anything should happen to us. You live in dangerous times and he fears that the war that you face could touch our lives. If you have received this than he is right and we are sorry, sorry that we could not be their for you now. You must know that we love you more than anything iin this world and are grateful that we were given the opportunity to raise you. You my dear are bright and beautiful and the world is yours for the taking.

If something has happened to us than you deserve to know the truth. While we have raised you you were not always ours. Seventeen years ago we were visiting the states when he came across a young man and his two sons, and you. You were but a baby and he was desperately trying to care for you but he was a single father and you were a very sickly child. We made a deal, he would sign you over to us and we would make sure you received the proper medical care that would save your life. So a week later we left with you in our arms and we have never looked back.

His name was John Winchester and he was a Marine. He loved you so much he gave you to us so you would live. I hope you understand our decision to keep this from you, it wasn’t the most legal thing but we have never regretted it. You are our miracle and no matter what remember we love you.

Love Mom and Dad

She had known what she had to do. She would follow the example of the man who she had never known. The man who had been her father. She would leave in order to protect the life of her child.

There was a war all around them and Hermione was at the center of it, she had found out only two weeks ago and had known she could never tell Ron.

There would be no happily ever after for him, not when her two closest friends were determined to stop a monster. Harry would never leave, he couldn’t and Hermione knew Ron would never leave Harry. She was counting on it, someone had to protect him, he had a tendency to leap into things without thinking them through and she wouldn’t be around to offer a voice of reason.

She had used the muggle money her mother and father had left her and while everyone else was battling Voldemort’s followers Hermione Granger would be catching a flight to the States to track down one John Winchester and his boys.

She wasn’t completely without family.
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