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Fic: Stopping for a Stranger - Weekly Challenge # 6

Well, I ended up not liking this nearly as much as I thought I would. Oh well.

Roadhouse Weekly Challenge # 6, Hellfire Challenge # 5: Travel

Title: Stopping for a Stranger
Author: sierraphoenix
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Spoilers: Post- Dead Man's Blood and Chosen.
Summary: My life was about Luther, and now that I no longer have him, I will dedicate what's left of me to destroying the Winchesters.
Notes: Written for Weekly Challenge # 6 at spn_btvs.


Luther is gone.

We spent decades together. Years that seemed endless, filled with blood and lust, violence and sex. He must have met hundreds of women during his lifetime, and yet he chose me as his mate. I was his, and he was mine. He took me from an ordinary life, a dull life, and swept me up into his world of nighttime magic. The moon never shined as brightly before. He brought the world into sharp focus. He made me stronger. He made me more than I was.

It was more than love. Love is some human, frivolous thing. It doesn't mean anything. What we had went beyond love, beyond that weak, human emotion. It was an all-consuming passion, drawn out of raw need. An unbreakable bond, forged in blood, that went so deep nothing could ever sever it. We were one. He was the only thing I ever truly needed.

I knew I was his the first moment I saw him. I couldn't take my eyes off him. The way he moved, the way the shadows clung to him. No creature could resist him. I certainly couldn't. When he claimed me, my future spanned out before me in an eternity. And he promised to be mine for every moment of it.

It never mattered where we went, what we did, who we killed. That we were together was the only thing that ever mattered. So long as we were, the world was ready for the taking.

Forever should have been ours.

But those fucking Winchesters took him from me. Stole him away like some gruesome avenging angels. I felt my soul die when Luther fell to his knees. My world became a devastated wasteland. It was like I lost myself, as if he'd never claimed me as his own. I felt human again, a sickening, weak feeling. To be human is to be less, and without Luther, I will always be less than I was.

I will make the Winchesters pay.

My life was about Luther, and now that I no longer have him, I will dedicate what's left of me to destroying the Winchesters. They are only human, so they can never suffer as I do; there isn't time enough for that. Still, I can cause them pain. They don't have eternity, but there are years enough for the horrors I'd like to visit upon them. I want more than their blood. When I finish with them, I want them to hunger for death. Whether or not I give it to them is another matter.

The others were too scared to follow me, too frightened by the Winchesters and this new feeling of mortality which they brought with them. They never deserved to be apart of Luther's family. So I left them, slipped away just before dusk. I didn't need them. But I do need some help. If I should fail, I need to know that someone will carry on for me. I have to know that Luther will be avenged. I need someone strong, someone that has that same spark of passion that Luther had. And I think I may have found him.

It happened by accident. I got a flat tire, a minor problem normally, but this was just before dawn. He pulled over, stopped for a stranger. I expected his intentions to be less than honest, but his offer to help was sincere. It's amazing that chivalry isn't completely dead.

He put up a hellish struggle. He didn't scream in fear, and he didn't cry or beg; he fought. Fought hard like he was used to fighting. And that's when I knew I'd found what I was looking for. Someone who would be strong and fearless. Someone who would be devoted.

He is far too kind, of course, but that's a human trait; it will fade. His sense of devotion, however, will continue to grow. He will become as devoted to destroying the Winchesters as I am. He's young now; new. I will introduce him to this new world, shape and mold him. I will be his only desire, just as Luther was mine. I'll take care of him, he will live for me, and together we will bring torment to the Winchesters.

He's resting now, but soon he'll wake. I'll have to teach him to feed; that will be the first lesson. I'll teach him about what we are, how to survive. And then, the Winchesters.

We'll need a plan. I don't want to simply kill them, that would be too easy for them. We'll track them first. Figure out who they love, what drives them. And then we'll take it all away. Piece by piece. We'll destroy them slowly. We'll make it last. And maybe, when they're close to death, we'll turn them. Make them what they've always hated. If we work it right, we might be able to torture them for decades.

All I need now is for him to—

There. He's stirring now. Any moment he'll open his eyes to a new, vibrant world. He'll see as he's never seen before. And I will be the first thing he sees.

I remember what that was like, waking to Luther. That was when my life began. Just as this man's life now begins.

He inhales deeply, an unnecessary gesture. That, too, will fade with time. All human failings fade away. I wonder if he'll appreciate his new gift as much as I did.

And then his eyes open…the one I can see, anyway. He looks around, wide-eyed. Everything looks different when you first wake, and I can see the awe in his face, the wonderment.

With a simple touch, I have his complete attention. This is his beginning.

"Welcome to your new your life."

"What happened?" He's confused; it's to be expected.

"The past doesn't matter anymore. Whoever you were before…you're more than that now. You don't have to be afraid, we're in this together."

He watches me quietly for a while. A dozen different thoughts are probably running through his head. Life has turned topsy-turvy for him. I remember that feeling too. It will take time, but soon he'll understand.

I take his hand with mine, and it brings a smile to my face when he gives it a tight squeeze. It feels good not to be alone.

"What's your name?" he asks.

"Kate," I answer.

He sits up slowly, still holding my hand, and takes a better look at our surroundings. When he's looked enough, he turns his new vampire sight back to me.

Already he seems different, more self-assured. He's not Luther, but he'll make a good mate. And it occurs to me now that I never learned his name.

As if reading my mind, he says, "I'm Xander."

A sense of anticipation fills me. Soon, we'll be ready. And the Winchesters…they'll get what they deserve.


Tags: .oldchallenges: weekly, author: sierraphoenix, team: roadhouse

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